The point of it all

Who are we?

We are suckers for good songs. We are the headphones-bearing, ipod flashing, bloodshot-eyes-itch-in-the-ears junkies, forever asking friends to let us see their playlists, asking everyone to suggest a new band. Just to make it through each week.

In the years gone by, we have badgered family and friends, scoured the internet ruthlessly, followed the cosmic call of the universe in YouTube recommendations lists, spent thousands on magazines and downloaded every bloody streaming app just to stay updated and find our diamonds in the rough. (Bonus points if it’s before everyone else!)

This right here is an attempt to make the search easier by sharing what we know and inviting our readers to do the same for us.

What are we?

We are an independent platform for people to share and discover new music.Not just ‘latest’ music, but music that you and we feel is underappreciated, has great potential but didn’t quite ‘reach’-reach and deserves more recognition.

This is nothing but a circle of discovery. You give some and get some.  Right now, there are just a bunch of us posting and sharing but we welcome our readers to share as well, in comments or by writing to us on

There are a lot of people we know who love music, breathe it and live it and these are the people who have, intentionally or not, shaped this idea.  Cheers to them and hope we find more like them with the Tape Recorderr.

What do we do?

Essentially, we share the names/links of songs we like. Any language, Any genre, Any era. The only prerequisite we have in place is that the song must mean something to the author, something he/she wishes more people heard and appreciated  – a circle of discovery that expands beyond your own circle of friends and people you share your favorite songs with!

Every month, we will post/publish a bunch of songs, but here’s the thing : Each of these will not only be an audio/video file, but a story of how this song was found by the author, how it affects him/her and what is it that makes it good for the author. These posts can be facts, opinions, stories, anecdotes that go with the song being shared or about how we discovered the music that we love today.

What do we not do?

We do NOT –

  1. Promote any artist, band, website, FB page, twitter handle, magazine, brand, idea, religion, cult, fan groups. No promotions, basically.
  2. “Review” or “Rate” albums, movies or songs. We are just here to enable a peaceful exchange of music.
  3. Rally for any one genre of music as “the” music or the “right kind” of music or “the real deal”. We are not genre ambassadors and we pray to heavens neither are you.
  4. Pass justice. Never will we declare winners or losers.
  5. Encourage battle of bands, pitting one artist against another. To each, his own.

Why are we doing this?

Discovering new, unexpected music has always given us immense joy and we think it is about time we pay it forward by enabling others in doing the same..