Advaita, the absolute

If you have ever reflected on the meaning and purpose of your existence in this world, here’s a band that acts as a companion to you while you ponder over the unanswered “whys” of life. Listening to them is like taking a dip into an ocean of profound wisdom. Completely offbeat in terms of their content, they’ve condensed an entire philosophy of Advaita (non-duality)into a few tracks and have left their footprints on an otherwise unchartered musical territory.

This Indian fusion band, comprising of eight people, have managed to create not only a beautiful blend of languages, but also of sound. The soulful tunes of “Sarangi” in almost all the songs is typical of Advaita and gives them their uniqueness. The maturity of their sound and the wisdom in their lyrics makes the experience of listening to them nothing less than a transcendental journey. On one hand, there are soul-stirring musical pieces that convey the restlessness of being trapped in a false reality, on the other, there are those that point towards the truth that we’re all seeking for and soothe the existential anguish for which nothing else has ever proved to be an effective remedy.

Though the two albums that they have released collectively emphasize on our oneness with the entire universe, individually, every song is a philosophical journey in itself. There are songs that perfectly describe the constant ache about there being something more to us and not being able to find it. Songs about the emptiness that we feel despite being fulfilled in every possible way. Songs that gently heal by reminding us of our cosmic significance. Songs that wake us up to the fact that the one thing we’ve been searching for our entire life is within us. Songs that urge us to rise above the trivialities of life, to see through the illusory beliefs about the world, to realize that we’re so much more than just this body which will eventually turn to dust, and to dissolve our ego by stressing on the fact that we are just “a speck inside eternity”.

Whenever I decide to escape from the clutter of the world by taking a dip into their melodious ocean, I come out completely soaked in peace. While I listen to them, I feel one with their music and it’s almost magical how it brings home the idea which they’ve tried to convey – the oneness of everything.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this band is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They are probably one of the most underrated artists in India because I had never even heard of them until a very special friend gifted me the two albums this band had released, 4 years ago. It has left me spellbound ever since. It’s extremely difficult to choose which track to share here, so I’m going to leave it up to you to dig the albums, here’s a track to lure you though!

Dust –

Where we come from, where we going to

Born to time and space, from the cosmic womb

The fires burn, burning deep below

Creating skin, skin and blood and bones

Forgotten wisdom, lost beneath the ground

Before the word there, there was just a sound

Eternal moment, no end, no beginning

Like the turning wheel, hidden is the meaning

On and on we search, through the blackest night

Wandering through darkness, the children of the light

All we live for, all our dreams and all we love

Everything shall pass, everything will turn to dust


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