‘Shady made me’

As a kid I got a lot of good music passed on to me. Glad my parents and people I used to meet on a regular always had their own varied tracklists, which mostly was free of crappy mainstream shit. I went through all the golden era boy-bands, Robert Miles, Ronan Keating, Bryan Adams, Savage Garden and more from the late 90’s-early 2000’s. My dad frequently used to get me cassettes for the Walkman and I’d just go on and on, repping that shit on my earphones.

Then, there was this moment of intervention that happened to me. I may have been around 14 years old when Dad got me to watch a music video on the PC – the song still fossiled in the depths of my head – ‘When I’m gone‘ by Eminem.

After all the music that I had consumed for all these years, this was unlike anything – not just the words but the whole emotion. I got hooked to Slim Shady‘s work, started getting my hands on all I could find about this guy – heard it, read it, did all of it so much I ended up memorizing all I could. Every word written with the utmost precision or, I’d say, ‘spoken’ like a ceaseless flow of brain fluids in the form of rhymes, with the power to make ‘your mother’ rhyme with ‘Dinosaurs’ – a white ‘black magician’ of words.

It’s he who drove me into being most of the person that I am today, not just as an artist but as a being. I can even say that I may have been dormant forever, if not for that one day and song. I owe most of this to Marshall Mathers.

Shady or die.


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