It’ll sound like Lydia

When I first heard Lydia’s “The Exit” years ago, I immediately felt like it belonged to me. It felt like an extension of me, a feeling that has not faded to this day and I don’t think it ever will. “The Exit” is about everything but the exit for me.

Every person close to me sooner or later finds me telling him/her about Lydia. However, quite naturally, they don’t always share the fervor. They like the music for being nice to their ears, while I wait for them to find that piece of me hiding in that song.

For me, Lydia is not just a band. Lydia is more.

They are more than what people around me have considered them to be. They are more than the opinions of people I shared them with. They are more than just the music they have made. They are a lot, lot more than the genre. A lot more than what remains to be understood to a mind closed to what I know.

Coming back to “The exit”, I remember getting chills all over when I heard this –

“Cause the light in your eyes,

 They started dancing for my brain “

 Cause I know,

 You’re all about the world and when it’s ending.

 And I know, yeah,

 ‘Cause you whispered it right to me “

There was something about them that danced my brain, the soul food as they call it, it took me to a place you want people to see and to understand what it actually sounds like out there. There was this feeling of belonging that has not left yet. It’s like it is all out there just for you. The hidden ways they communicate in at that place within, their music is all for you to just help calm yourself or make you travel to where it took me. There were these two lines which never leave my head. They are always there, just swirling around. They make sense in so many ways that it turns confusing in the most amazing way possible!

Here they go:

“Just where the hell were you? I’ve just been sitting here counting ghosts.

And you look scared again.”

Not only did these not leave, they brought me closer to “Me” and now I know what it sounds like. So, effectively, all I heard was me. And well, then things turned crazy. I knew I was in love with them then and I know I still am.

This is what Lydia has done to me and I can never possibly thank them enough. This song made me put the rants in head into words. I shared it as much as I could, although not everybody saw it the way I do. Nonetheless, I was happy that I have a song, my song, that can sing me to sleep and can rush my steps as well. Lydia opened up the possibility of me relating, connecting to an external entity, something I sucked at. Their music has been my therapy and I would love to have people see this side of the band. Everyone is capable of seeing what lies underneath, if only they make the effort andlook for it.

This last paragraph of the song, It talks. It talks more than the language that carries it. I can go on and on about this, but I don’t think I need to.

Here is what could take you where I have been.

“I don’t hang this cross for him,

I hang it for my mother’s grin.

If I wasn’t so far away,

I’d ask my pops if he’s free today.

But everyone, everyone here looks like they’re on their own.

I like your style.

I like your style.

Let’s just have some fun.”


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